About Us

University studies in Electronics and Computer programming followed by several years of Development and Programming experience and a stint as the Head of IT has led us here.

The principal of this business has studied Electronics and Computer Science at University. Then he worked for several organisations developing business applications using Microsoft languages and technologies, followed by a stint as the Head Of IT and managing all IT operations for a large training company. This included managing the data centre, external outsourced contracts and in-house staff and development work.

He is also a consummate professional and business expert who understands the needs of small businesses in obtaining the maximum out of their IT resources to keep the costs down and maximise the benefits to help grow the business.

If you do not want to spend a significant amount of your business time resolving IT issues, then let the experts handle this for you.

We create.

Our skills allow us to
* Analyse
* Source
* Create
* Manage
technical tools to match your business needs.

We are confident of being able to find a technical solution to fulfil the demand of your business and help to make it more efficient and effective as a result. Give us a try.